Stine Christiansen is a Copenhagen based photographer, who specializes in food, interior and lifestyle photography, working with both editorial and commercial clients. She is educated by the best; Skovdal Nordic, a photography company. After 10 years of working for Skovdal Nordic, two of them being partner in the Copenhagen studio, she wanted to try a new adventure and stand on her own feet.
She has a big love for good food, design, quality and storytelling.

Contact for more info +45 28902629 Email:

Stine is incredibly inspiring to work with. She is creative, has a sharp eye and is able to create the most amazing picture in no time.
She listens and reflects on the ideas we work from. When I sometimes think things arenĀ“t working as planned, Stine easily and effortlessly gets the most boring to look like something you just have to taste.
It is developing and fun to work with Stine.
Gitte Heidi Rasmussen – Chef, GH Garniture